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Bikes cheer up your day

If you like to ryde a bike to look for a hotel where the routes are almost magical is a dream, right ? the Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf is located is a protected natural area of 3,700 ha .  Whose environmental values have been recognized worldwide since the 1972, its main distinguishing feature is its two salt lakes, Laguna de Torrevieja and Laguna de La Mata. The first is a pink lake and there the Torrevieja saltworks is located. Meanwhile, the Laguna de La Mata, is a green lake, For those who love relaxing walks and for lovers of bike adventures will feel surrounded by nature and fresh air, this park is an excellent choice, and if you wake up early you will see some amazing sunrises.


The healthiest sports for the heart,are running, swimming and cycling, about the latter, on which we based this post, the ones who has it as a livelihood and transportation say it has changed their lifes, getting up in the morning before the hour and in a hurry to ride the bike, for them, apart of sport and health, they say it is exciting to go between the cars before starting your day , they notice the rest of the day and that makes them to start off on the right foot at work.
Is a healthy , ecological and sustainable means if  more bicycles and fewer cars were used, traffic would be reduced greatly . Six bikes occupy the space of one car. Some cities acctually encourage the use of bikes properly.


The use of the bicycle, without take it to extremes , is considered one of the healthiest exercises you can do. A regular use helps control cholesterol and overweight.

The bike is the best medicine against stress and moodiness. The perfect combination of exercise and sense of speed that tone down your stress.

If you use the bike as a daily transport method, your fitness will improve a lot.

There are many very healthy sports, but bikes as a method of transportation is unique.

Pedaling is a cardiovascular exercise. Wiht one hour a day you will burn about 500 calories , a super fat burning and keeps cholesterol at bay.

Cycling tones the leg muscles , if you do not have time to practice this sport , you can go to work or shopping riding a bike , your legs will be strong and powerful.

The back position improves. Because of the position, slightly leaning forward over the handlebars, we strengthen the muscles of the lumbar area of the spine, thus improving the resistance of the base of our back, in the longterm.

Strengthens the knees, one of the joints that suffer most when playing sports. This is a low-impact sport, strengthens the muscles that holding the knee.

Exercise causes stress disappears. On the bike you can devote that time to you, to think, to listen to music or simply to disconnect. On the bike you are the owner of your thoughts.

Your immune system will also notice the benefits. Like almost all physical activities, favors the strengthening of our defense system. In addition, cardiovascular activity increases the release of endorphins, the hormone of happiness, which will have a pleasant feeling of satisfaction after exercise.


The bicycle is a machine of simple beauty, whose historical origins can be traced back to the eighteenth century that has incorporated the latest technology, and that cycling becomes a good passport to a world of health, culture, ecology, human training and coexistence.

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