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Long live the siesta

Despite the belief other countries have about the siesta in Spain, 60% of Spaniards never sleeps siesta, although it has been scientifically proven that to get some sleep ib the middle of the day provides important health benefits, as recalls the Spanish Heart Foundation.

The nap is one of the pleasures of life, highly recommended in every way, especially for its properties and benefits. The nap is considered as one of those small pleasures of life, especially recommended in every way for its clear benefits to the health of people who “practice” it.

Give a short break to the brain after the food is very positive, especially because it increases the ability to solve problems, stimulating creativity, imagination and intuition.

In Spain it was declared an official time for siesta, between 15 and 17 hours sound levels could not exceed 55 decibels, making it the right time for a nap.

It is an essential habit for children, because it reasurres them, avoiding being rest and irritated at the afternoon.


Therefore, and in order to promote their practice, the organization has about ten benefits of the body:

• Relieves stress, in addition to relax. It helps decrease by 37% percent stress and the risk of disease cardivasculares.

• It helps to relax and clear the mind.

• Increases concentration and facilitates problem solving.

• Increases creativity, intuition, imagination, and own ability to solve problems, facilitates learning.

• Prevents aging and prolong life, since, according to some studies, the remedial effect can fight free radicals.

• Improves reflexes.

• It is good to maintain a healthy and natural beauty, since it helps us to reflect light and freshness.

• It is also positive to maintain good mental health, especially because it helps us stay positive and have a good mood.

• Reduce the risk of stroke.

• Increases performance by eliminating both physical and mental fatigue.

• Fights anxiety and stress. • It causes a feeling of well-being and improves mood, promoting pos


How much is necessary to sleep during nap time?

Take a nap of 45 minutes during the day can have benefits for the cardiovascular system, as demonstrated by US researchers in a study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. Specifically, the experiments showed that blood pressure is kept lower if we sleep nap face if we do not, especially when subjects are subjected to psychological stress. And the problems of hypertension are reduced.

Although otherwise think, the  most recommended nap, to enjoy and all its benefits, is the one that varies from 10 minutes to 1 hour, although a short nap of 15 to 20 minutes plus eight hours of sleep at night, is ideal for enjoy all its benefits.

Therefore, with the simple act of laying to rest improves mood, memory, attention and creativity, this will lead to better performance in the workplace or school. As far as duration is concerned, “it is said that the nap should not be longer than 20 minutes, but I always say that the length of the nap should be the one that suits you best.

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