"We want the client to enjoy the weather and our gardens" - Hotel La Laguna

“We want the client to enjoy the weather and our gardens”

“We want the client to enjoy the weather, our gardens, our sun …”. The director of Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf, Sofía Madrid, was very clear during an interview that Onda Cero Vega Baja made on the terrace of the Torrevieja hotel she runs. And reason is not lacking, because as explained to the journalists, in the hotel establishment they have bet a lot for clarity and to transmit the nature and beauty of the environment, which is very close to the Natural Park of Lagunas de La Mata-Torrevieja, a all your customers In fact, as he explained, the “hotel is nature”, as the entrance is crossed by two thousand-year-old olive trees, it also has gardens and a palm grove, among other things.

But it is not only nature that makes the hotel special, but also the personalized events in Torrevieja that they offer. Organization of weddings, live music while dinner, events for companies in Torrevieja … The Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf offers personalized experiences such as the secret room, special for the best romantic getaways in which everything is taken care of.

For those who are not hotel guests, you can go to enjoy the cuisine of the Vega Baja in the restaurant of Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf or have a coffee in the cafeteria or, perhaps, enjoy the spa at the Torrevieja hotel. Services available for public use. “Customers come first,” says the hotel manager.

Villas and apartments in Torrevieja
“We have been listening to our clients for 16 years and they ask us for all types of accommodation,” says Madrid, who explains during the interview that clients usually rent villas or apartments that will soon be available to organize parties or events or stay during the celebration. of any event. Because the customer at Hotel La Laguna always comes first.

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