Vacumterapia: All the advantages of enjoying it in Torrevieja spa - Hotel La Laguna

Vacumterapia: All the advantages of enjoying it in Torrevieja spa

With temperatures already exceeding 25 degrees, make time to enjoy a swim in the pool or a little while in the hammock sunbathing. How do you usually prepare your body for this season? Some people choose to start practicing sports, something that is always very healthy, but in the short term has little impact on cellulite, for example. A remedy that you can enjoy in the Torrevieja spa of Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf is a vacumotherapy treatment. Have you ever heard about it?

The technique of vacumotherapy, from which you can enjoy a special promotion in our spa in Torrevieja until June 31, involves suctioning the skin through special devices that act as a pacifier or suction cup to stimulate blood supply. in the dermis and epidermis with the purpose of draining the body’s fat cells in the treated area.

One of the main benefits of vacumotherapy is that it highlights its ability to drain fat cells and expel them through the lymphatic system through urine or feces.

The suction of the vacumterapia together with the stimulation of the circulation allows the tonificación of the muscles, which helps to obtain results like buttocks higher if it is applied in this zone.

Vacuum therapy has the benefit of being a non-invasive treatment, which allows the person to attend their session without needing to be hospitalized and without having to interrupt their routine and daily tasks. The vacumterapia does not have side effects reason why it does not produce allergies, irritations or alterations in the skin, in fact, to improve the sanguineous circulation it has the property to avoid the appearance of important bruises.

And best of all: vacumotherapy does offer results soon enough, so the sooner you enjoy this promotion, the sooner your body will be ready for summer.

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