The typical cuisine from Alicante Sur at La Laguna Restaurant - Hotel La Laguna

The typical cuisine from Alicante Sur at La Laguna Restaurant

III Spoon Gastronomy Rojales 2015 which celebrated last week at La Laguna Spa & Golf were a success. In the next video, we show you the result of this gastronomy event in our Restaurant La Laguna dominated by a delicious menu with characteristic dishes of La Laguna Restaurant like “artichoke coated with cream goat”, “La Laguna salad” or the traditional from this region and the principal dish of the day “Trigo Picado”. And to finalize this special menu: “fried ice cream of chocolate with honey” which you can take in our daily menu or carta.

You can continue to enjoy our daily menu for 16€ per. The menu consist of :choosing between four starters, four main courses and four desserts, with one drink included. And during Saturday and Sunday we have the daily menu of the weekend for 21€.

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