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One of our secrets: The color of water

One of the secrets of our hotel is the color of our water, is the mix between green and blue color, obtaining a light color almost transparent like aquamarine, a cool color, it brings several features that stand out of all types of natural colors we know.

This tone is highly related to pristine and clear waters , pure and immense , the water of this color conveys calm, psychologically they give us a feeling of comfort and tranquility , this will help you to overcome anything with a much more positive view and is also closely involved with the body relaxation processes, of mind and soul.

It is a color that will make you feel happy wanting to be more communicative, sensitive and creative, improves the lives of people and those who watch it will feel very relaxed, and if you have physical pain, you will feel a relieve due to the feeling this color produces. If we surround ourselves with it, it will push us always to start the day with renewed vigor and new ideas, because it will infuse an almost magical confidence that make us feel like new renovated, this state will make each of us feel in our youth, making us bring everything with patience and no weight.

As for health it strengthens the central nervous system, strengthens the vocal cords by favoring singing, cures skin impurities, helps us to reduce fluid retention problems, and also helps clarify our sigth.

This color of water is always taking new forms and new tones, and the personality of those who associate it as their favorite color tend to be free souls full of originality.

It is the stone of sailors and travelers, an amulet widely used by people with phobias and travel sickness. In the Middle Ages it was considered a symbol of purity and protective of health, that is why brides they are given a ring with this stone.

If you want to decorate your home with this color, it will be a success , it never goes out of fashion, and you will always have a very positive touch in your home.

In the case of green water , which is mixed with more blue notes in varying intensity to get the tone we want to obtain , it has a double balanced effect , since both the green and blue are considered the colors of harmony and confidence.

To achieve a harmonious effect, green water can be combined with other greens and purest blues, with violet and even yellows. And in contrast we can combine it with warm colors like orange and red. Take note!.

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