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Live a dream Valentine’s Day [promotions]

This Valentine you have to breathe love on all four sides. At Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we have everything requetelisto for a super romantic month. The secret? Put a little love in everything we do at the hotel in Torrevieja. We have gastronomy and relaxation. What more could you want?

Love for gastronomy

What would be a perfect Valentine’s menu for you? For us, without a doubt, it is one in which your partner and you are together and enjoying an unforgettable evening. And if that can be seasoned with a dream menu, better than better. Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf has prepared a Valentine’s menu that combines appetizers, a plate of sea and another of earth to end with a dessert of the sweetest. Do you feel like coming? Look at the offer we have at the Hotel La Laguna restaurant!

Vive un San Valentín de ensueño

A romantic ‘relax’

As we know how stressful any normal week can be, we suggest relaxing with your partner at the La Laguna spa. We have a promotion that includes a path of the senses and relaxing massages for you and your partner. What better way than to spend the day that quiet?

San Valentin Hotel La Laguna 2018_SPA ing

Detalles personalizados

Y como sabemos que San Valentín es muy de regalos y de detallitos, por lo menos para tu pareja, ¿has pensado ya qué regalarle? Entre las ideas que te lanzamos destacan las pequeñas flores eternas que, si quieres sorprenderle con el envase, te recomendamos que se la entregues en una caja personalizada como las de Envolvis, el packaging personalizado siempre sorprende y, además, es ideal para meter también en su interior bombones, ¿Qué dices? ¿Te gusta la idea?

Para más info, contacta con el Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf. ¡Estaremos encantados de ayudarte!

Hola, ¿Como podemos ayudarle?

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