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How to spend Father’s Day as a king

Because he will always be there when you need it. The ‘job’ of a father is sacrificed and satisfying at the same time and those who are already know it very well. Therefore, it never hurts to have a day for them, to enjoy, have fun and pamper themselves. In Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we give you the tricks to spend Father’s Day like a king because who better than a father is going to deserve it?

Reservations from March 16 to 19

1- Accommodation
To spend Father’s Day as a king, the first thing to do is to stay in an environment where peace and tranquility reign. An environment surrounded by nature in which others are concerned about your needs. In Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf there are double rooms available to sleep like a baby the day before Father’s Day.

2- Fill the stomach
Once he has rested in conditions. Fill your stomach will be the next mission to spend Father’s Day as a king. In the restaurant of the Hotel La Laguna, in Torrevieja, you can enjoy a lunch or a dinner with the best delicacies and service. There is also option for vegans.

The circuit ‘path of the senses’ of the Hotel Spa in Torrevieja will make you feel better than at home. Relaxed, calm and in the company of whoever you want.

4- And … for being the best father in the world, we will welcome you with a glass of cava!

Hotel La Laguns Spa & Golf has a special offer to spend as well (and including breakfast buffet) Father’s Day for only 79.50 euros per person per night. Are you going to miss it?

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