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Hotel La Laguna, distinguished with the Golden Seal of!

Fairy tales exist and are fulfilled. Have you ever imagined celebrating your wedding in the shadow of an ancient olive tree? Or enjoy a bridal cocktail with live music, lanterns that create a magical atmosphere and lush gardens that add color, romance and that bit of magic that should be in each wedding? Enjoy a dream wedding in Torrevieja is possible. At Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we have the magic wand that turns any bridal dream into reality. And that’s why the comments of dozens of lovers have earned us the Golden Seal of 🙂

The perfect place to organize a wedding
The ideal place to celebrate a wedding exists. One of the fears of many couples is having to choose two or three different places to organize their event. This entails certain complications when it comes to coordinating and what the couple need the least is having to worry about their wedding day so that everything goes correctly. In Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we have Raquel and Natalia, two professionals in the organization of events that, depending on the budget of the wedding will offer ideas and alternatives to get a unique and dream wedding.

What kind of wedding do you want? A religious or a civilian? No problem! The church of San José is located about five minutes from the hotel, a cozy temple where wooden pieces stand out and where the wedding guests can leave the car without complications. But if you prefer to give your special touch to the space where the ceremony will be held and opt for the romance and personality of a civil ceremony, in the gardens of the Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf you will find a space to your measure, surrounded by nature and charm, to give you the yes I want.

A unique wedding
What if I want a themed wedding? Do not worry. Here we only provide solutions to the worries of the couple. There are many types of themed weddings and you can customize everything from the minutes of the menus, the ‘seating plan’, the decoration of the room where the wedding banquet is held, the menu … having a dream wedding is very easy . We just need you to tell us the ideas you have in mind and the event organizers of Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf will take care of giving that magical touch to the wedding. Because there is not a more special day for boyfriends than this one. You will remember it all your life and in our hotel in Torrevieja we will put the maximum effort to make it so. Can you imagine your ceremony under one of our millenary olive trees or in our palm grove?

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