Flamencos in the natural park of the South of Alicante - Hotel La Laguna

Flamencos in the natural park of the South of Alicante

The protagonist specie of the fauna in September on the Natural Park of La Mata and Torrevieja is the “flamenco”.

Next Saturday 5th of September at  11:00am in the Nature Park of La Mata and Torrevieja there will take place a workshop about the “flamenco” specie. It will be an educational activity for the general public and destiny for children accompanied by their parents.

This activity will consist of a talk about the “flamenco”, his biography and his habitat.

This activity also will count with a giant puzzle that will be available to view it for the rest of the month of September. The activity will continue with a educational workshop for children about many issues talked previously.

Throughout this year there will be known a different specie every month from the Nature Park.

This activity requires pre-registration.
Contacto: Parque Natural de Las Lagunas de la Mata y Torrevieja.
correo electrónico: parque_lamata@gva.es
fuente: www.citma.gva.es

The Natural Park of the Lagunas de La Mata and Torrevieja has an ideal environmental values for “flamencos”. The most common species founded in this park is the (Phoenicopterus ruber) or “Flamenco Rosa”. It is a large bird: between 120 and 145 cm. Mostly white, pink presents wing coverts and black flight feathers. It is characterized by being linked to wetlands. Some of them with high levels of alkalinity and salinity. They often use to form large groups.

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