Welcome to the blog of Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf - Hotel La Laguna

Welcome to the blog of Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf

Fortunately we already have available a blog with news and updates that may be found in our hotel and around us.

This means of information will be now our news channel to tell you the news that happens here. We want that this news channel will be a space for entertaining our readers and when our readers can find here a reading corner that is of interest.

We will tell you through our blog, topics as : interesting places to discover in our environment, in relation to the services that can be enjoyed in our hotel, as regards the tourism industry ..

At La Laguna we are surrounded by nature, beaches, cultural and interesting places to discover, routes to visit, as well as golf courses around us. From this platform we will recommend places to go a short distance of the hotel and you definitely should not miss the opportunity to discover!

In La Laguna Spa & Golf is especially important for health and beauty. Therefore, from our Spa’ll tell you any tips for our beauty and how to stay healthy.

And why not … not forgetting our Restaurant La Laguna … with their wide variety of menus and “Carta” and the possibility of special events. Also from our Coffee Shop and Bar by the pool where you will be delighted with some of the most popular and the most demanded this summer cocktails.

From now we will inform you periodically through this news channel all developments that occur here throughout the year. Our next blog entries will be about events that actually live here reflect through pictures, videos and tell what is happening. And report on the festivities of the region and developments as they arise.

This summer 2014, is presented with a splendid and sunny weather. Our client-friendly, they are already enjoying the saltwater pool of the Hotel. Why do not you also enjoy La Laguna? Would you like to visit us? Contact with us and we will be very gladly answer all your questions and following yours comments, we will make you the perfect weekend break, completely customized reservas@hotellalaguna.com

Or if you wish to contact us for any communications through our social networks or our blog, be a pleasure to meet you at the following email: hola@hotellalaguna.com

To enjoy life!

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