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Weddings in Torrevieja: How to prepare for the big day

Hotel La Laguna in torrevieja wedding celebration

After a year, two years or a few months of preparation, the big day has arrived. A day that surely you will never forget: your wedding. Surely you have prepared with great care every detail of your wedding in Torrevieja: the costumes, the details for your guests, the wedding venue in Torrevieja … But … and you? Have you already prepared for the big day? At Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we want everything to come out to your heart’s content. So we give you some tips to prepare for the big day.

From 3 to 6 weeks before the wedding

When there are 3 to 6 weeks to celebrate your wedding in Torrevieja it is convenient to prepare your body for the ‘B’ day. How to do it? Very easy. With vacumotherapy, a technique that prepares your body in all senses. In spa Torrevieja you can take advantage of detox juice therapies and other supplements such as alkaline water. Your skin and hair, above all, will appreciate it. And is that detox therapy gives your hair the shine and strength you need to look healthier. In addition to that, you will notice your body lighter and with greater vitality. The wedding day you can not fail!

One week before the wedding

The nerves begin to appear when there is only one week left for the wedding in Torrevieja. So avoid them by relaxing. In Spa La Laguna you have 100% ecological body treatments, in addition to a personalized facial made with natural cosmetics. Your skin will look like new and you will temper a bit the nerves.

One or two days before the wedding

It’s time to fix your hands and feet. Do not forget that your hands will also be the center of attention that day, so a good manicure never hurts. Complete your beauty routine with a pedicure. The professionals of the Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf will attend you so you can be the protagonist on that special day.

The wedding day!

The day of the wedding has arrived! Once you have received the beauty treatments, it’s time to get pretty. Hairdressing and makeup, and shine!

Do not miss the opportunity to relax and enjoy some beauty treatments before your wedding! Contact us!

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