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The mystery of the lady of Guardamar.

Dama de Guardamar sobre fondo negro
Discover the rich cultural and historical heritage of Guardamar del Segura by visiting its archaeological museum.
During your visit to the Costa Blanca you will find many places of tourist interest, most of them in coastal areas. Although the sun and the beach is what will occupy most of our leisure time in summer, we also have cultural alternatives that allow us to better understand our destination. In the case of Guardamar del Segura, there are many tourists who come to learn about its history and heritage beyond its miles of long beaches.   Guardamar has been an urban center that has moved, like its dunes, throughout history around different strategic areas. Thanks to the different archaeological studies we can know a little better its rich history. Some of these places are very easy to identify, as is the case of the Castle, of Islamic origin, and its Gothic walled citadel where the old town of Guardamar settled until the 1829 earthquake where it was destroyed. Currently archaeological and rehabilitation work has been carried out to consolidate the ruins.
Castillo de Guardamar visto desde la altura y con el mar de fondo.
Beyond what can be seen with the naked eye, the town has several archaeological sites from different eras and cultures. In addition to visiting the ruins you can see all the artifacts found in the excavations in its archaeological museum (MAG). There you can make an itinerary through the different times that the town of Guardamar has lived and learn about the cultures that come together along the history. Among all the archaeological discoveries, the Lady of Guardamar stands out. Unearthed in 1987 and reconstructed from its fragments, it was found in the necropolis next to the Iberian settlement of Cabezo Lucero. It is a funerary sculpture as is the Lady of Elche, or the Lady of Baza with somewhat more archaic and therefore more purely Iberian characteristics, its age is approximately 2,400 years. Who is the person represented as a lady is a mystery today but we can say that it would be a person who would be part of the aristocracy of the time and with great weight in the society in which she lived. Currently the original piece is in the Alicante archaeological museum but we can see a faithful replica in the Guardamar museum, along with other objects found in the same archaeological site.
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