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The most typical gastronomy of the Vega Baja

If something is characterized the Vega Baja is in its culinary tradition. And who does not like to enjoy a good meal or dinner while listening to the sound of nature? That’s life! And the guests of Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf know it very well. We invite you to discover with us more about the typical gastronomy of the Vega Baja and to enjoy a paradisiacal environment. 🙂 

The spoon dishes, the most typical
There are two spoon dishes that every visitor to the Vega Baja has to try. One is cooked with balls and another is a rice specialty, the crust.

The stew with balls is eaten all year round, but it is also a dish to enjoy with the family. The balls are meatballs made with blood and meat of turkey, egg, parsley, garlic and pine nuts; This well-stirred dough is cooked slowly with potatoes, chickpeas, vegetables, seasoned with saffron and salt. It is a delicacy for the good palates that at Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we include, of course, in the menu.

Crusted rice is a typical rice dish from the Vega Baja. The rice is usually added white sausage, red sausage, white and botifarrón. Once cooked and before finishing cooking in the oven, cover with beaten egg. It is usually cooked with rabbit and in some areas it has chickpeas.

And for dessert … almojábanas!
The almojábana, also known as almojábena, represents a symbol of the good flavor and the strong culinary tradition of the region. The almojábana is a sweet that is accompanied by the sweet taste of honey, stuffed with cream or custard and finally decorated with a sprinkling of sugar, this sweet is a constant in some regions of Alicante such as Vega Baja del Segura, where it is also celebrated in special dates, weddings and family reunions.

Even so, the typical gastronomy of the Vega Baja is very extensive and rich, because in the coastal areas dominate the fish dishes, while in the interior, the rich vegetable garden makes the vegetables are the order of the day. With some products of the highest quality, you just have to go to Hotel La Laguna to taste the delicacies of this land. They will surprise you.

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