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The magic of Antiques

An antique  is not only a decorative piece, it is a very special object because it contains the value of time and vestiges of the cultural moment of that particular piece.

Antiques are a memory, an allusion to the past, a witness of the passage of time.

The period that an object must have survived to be considered antique  is approximately between 50 and 100 years.

As luxury objects they are, antiques are a good investment because as time passes their monetary value increases.

More and more people choose to adopt a style of vintage decor in their home, where antiques play a fundamental role.

And antiques have always been characterized by offering a very interesting alternative to strengthen the aesthetics of your home.

Next, we will offer you several reasons that will make you want to embrace the magic of this type of articles.

1. Unique articles

The originality of these articles can be found in countless ways, adapted both for the decoration of gardens and for interiors. Furniture of various types, doors, lamps, tiles, etc. Everything is possible recreating in your house the magic of the past with the applications of the present.

Artículos únicos
Photograpy: BO Interior Desing


Many current decoration trends are excessively equal and homogeneous. Nowadays, most houses follow the same patterns and use the decoration with antiques is an excellent way to disassociate yourself from the most habitual canons.

In this way, you will create a very personal and genuine home.

Fotografía: BO Interior Desing
Photograpy: BO Interior Desing


Beyond the beauty of most of these articles, we must not forget the argument that they are a brilliant way to connect the space in which you develop your daily life with the past. There is no better way to remember your loved ones and the tradition of your family than to place some antiquity as the center of the decoration of your home.

Fotografía: BO Interior Desing
Photograpy: BO Interior Desing

At La Laguna Spa & Golf you can enjoy the magic of these unique pieces on May 10 in our Palmeral lounge, attending the Vintage, Retro and Collectors Antiques Fair from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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