The history of the murals of the Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf - Hotel La Laguna

The history of the murals of the Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf

“If the walls would talk … how many things would they tell.” Surely you have ever heard a relative, friend or acquaintance utter a similar phrase. And it is that there are places that say a lot about themselves and the people that pass through them just to have a look at their walls. The Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf has been implemented since birth with details such as large ceramic murals at the reception, on the terrace or small artistic details in the room numbers. Do you want to know its history? The artist has revealed it to us!

Her name is Carmen de la Fuente. It is Valladolid and also, why not, the person responsible for not having access to the hall of this hotel in Torreviaja, discover a paradise of ceramics.

The tranquility and tranquility that is lived in the atmosphere of the hotel with spa located in Ciudad Quesada, in Rojales, is also reflected in its walls. De la Fuente confesses that with the play of reliefs and contrasts of the mural of more than 3 meters of height that the hotel has in its entrance wanted to reflect the ‘chiaroscuros’ of the day to day of a person. Those small problems that stress you, tighten the day to day and makes you rethink yourself to find a place to relax and disconnect.

If there is something clear, and that not only reflect the ceramics of Carmen de la Fuente, is that when one arrives at the Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf with the suitcase full of worries and stress, leaves from there with a bag full of peace . “The hall mural reflects a path to positive change,” says the artist. And who would deny him after spending a few days in a place where your body and soul pampers?

The sound of the waterfall, spend a few hours in the spa or receive one of the beauty treatments or natural massages offered at the hotel make anyone change their perspective, according to customers. And so it is. The funniest thing is to notice in the small details that have also been devised by Carmen de la Fuente, a self-taught artist. Some girls greet you at the entrance to the corridor of some rooms, the numbers of each room are also designed in ceramic with natural elements recycled; in the spa ‘The girls of the spa’ preside over the room where the guests can lie down comfortably to read or to observe how the water falls from the waterfall of the pool.

The corners of the Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf are endless, but there is always a story in every corner ready to be told and to convey much tranquility to the guests. Do you dare to take a walk around the room to see what your walls tell you?

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