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The best menus for a business lunch in Torrevieja

The best menus for a business lunch in Torrevieja

It seems that the calendar has stepped on the accelerator. The countdown has started for some parties that we like very much: Christmas. It is one of the best times of the year because it allows you to get together with those people you love the most, with your friends and co-workers. At the Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we have started to prepare everything for you to have a lot of fun. Do you want to know what are the best menus for a business lunch or dinner in Torrevieja? Keep reading, we give you all the information.

Choose well the menu for business lunch

It is often difficult to choose the menu and the place to celebrate the company meal. Surely there will be discrepancy of opinions, but what it is about is to have a nice time around a good table … if the menu of the business lunch or dinner is to suck your fingers, better than better, right? 😉

In order not to go crazy, we have chosen to create three different company menus for all tastes, so you will surely reach an agreement quickly.

Company Menu 1. To start with the ‘party’ you will enjoy starters such as parmesan cheese with almonds, homemade shrimp croquettes, crunchy bull with curry sauce and squid Andalusian. All these dishes are to share. Afterwards we would go to the first dish ‘Ensalada Doña Sixta’ and then to the Iberian cheek confit with mushrooms. An exceptional snack to enjoy the company meal. And to sweeten the event much more, how about a chocolate coulant? Appetizing, is not it?


If you do not like this menu for business lunch, you can always take a look at the number 2 party menu we have prepared for the occasion at the La Laguna Spa & Golf Hotel. The starters are like a ‘volcano’ of flavors and sensations. Parmesan cheese, cod fritters, artichoke volcano and veal brochettes. First course you will be served a tuna tartar, second, a sirloin steak with Pedro Ximénez and for dessert a millefeuille of cream. Our mouths water just thinking about it. And you?

Suppose you want to explore new possibilities, well, let’s go to the third menu option. What will you eat as an entree? Well, Iberian ham, brie bombilla stuffed with dates, breaded artichokes and octopus carpaccio. To reduce a little and make room for the second dish, you will be served a goat cheese salad. In the second you will eat a grilled veal steak and to conclude with very good taste the business lunch in Torrevieja, you will taste for dessert a fried milk with the aroma of cinnamon and ice cream.

A relax session of draw

And to release tensions, in Hotel La Laguna SPA & Golf from 20 people in these meals or Christmas dinners we give a ‘Senda de los Sentidos’, that is, a spa circuit for 2 people so that during dinner or lunch company can give it to the attendees. Do you want to enjoy a relaxed day with your coworkers? Well do not miss it!

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