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Benefits of spa

Today we want to talk about the multiple benefits of spa at body and mind level and how they help our health. One of the reasons is that during our day to day we can not rest, we can not relax, we are in moments of much stress and tension, the spa are spaces that …

Massage Yantra

Do you feel tired, with stress or with lack of energy? Massage Yantra will take you to a dimension of true relaxation with neuromuscular energy therapies of oriental origin. Inspired by oriental therapies, this treatment will help rebalance the energy unbalanced. Avoid stress and increases the production of endorphins promoting the general welfare. It is also ideal …

Disfruta de un verano refrescante!

Lo tenemos todo preparado para que puedas disfrutar de un verano refrescante en nuestro hotel… cocteles y bebidas en la terraza de la piscina acompañado de música chill & out, relajarte en las amacas bajo las sombrillas, disfrutar del jet cervical o los chorros de agua en la piscina, o si lo deseas, de un masaje especial en nuestro spa! …


Hola, ¿Como podemos ayudarle?

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