Swimming lessons for babies in salt water - Hotel La Laguna

Swimming lessons for babies in salt water

They say that floating in the water relaxes, that this medium has important health benefits. So, thinking about your well-being and that of your baby, at Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf, in Torrevieja, we have organized swimming classes for babies in salt water.

As you probably know, the pool of Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf is saltwater. The classes would be in this environment, with a temperature of 33º to favor the comfort of mother and child.

Benefits of mating
What are the benefits of mating? It is proven that this type of swimming improves the psychomotor development of the child, strengthens the cardiorespiratory system and strengthens the immune system.

But in addition to that, one of the most important things about mating is that it favors the baby’s relaxation. Children when they are so small need to relax and be calm and the water provides them all this in full aquatic environment.

In addition, the Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf conducts aqua therapy classes for people with special needs. Are you going to miss this opportunity to spend a relaxed time and getting to know the aquatic environment better?

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