"Relax of Senses" treatment - Hotel La Laguna

“Relax of Senses” treatment

A treatment recommended for those who are looking for complete relaxation

“A Path to the Senses” is a water circuit with a spa area offering hot and cold contrasts, a relaxation area, Tisantería (tea and infusions), and a salt water Jacuzzi where, through different areas, we will work all your senses: Sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.

Two Finnish saunas at different temperatures -60º and 90º-, chopped ice cabin, Turkish bath with aromas and starry sky at 40º, cold water bath, Roman sauna equipped with chromotherapy and aromatherapy at 35º-40º, stone footbath with pebbles and bi-thermal water jets, Scottish hot and cold shower with essential oils, and two controlled contrast showers.

The relaxation area with cosy relaxing beds and large windows with natural light facing a Japanese garden and the large waterfall of the Hotel.

Finally, the incredible saltwater Jacuzzi within the majestic waterfall equipped with a variety of jets, cervical jet, water volcanoes, lateral jets, lateral pressure, jet drive, foot and lumbar jacuzzi, which will take you to experience utmost relaxation.

As a courtesy during your stay at La Laguna Spa, you will be able to enjoy the Tisantería, different varieties of teas and infusions as well as mineral water to replenish fluids and sugars lost during your “Relax of  Senses” relaxation session.

Detalle del Spa

“A Path to the Senses”

A hydrotherapy treatment and a water circuit with comprehensive spa facilities where, through different areas, we will work all your senses: Sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.

Two Finnish saunas at different temperatures, 60º and 90º

Regulates blood pressure, reduces cellulite or calms stress, among many other benefits such as improving our breathing, reducing joint pain and, most importantly, releasing such an amount of endorphins that leaves us fully de-stressed, resulting in a better quality sleep as well as a more relaxed day and in a better mood.

Chopped ice cabin

After the hot sauna, cooling is the next planned step. The ice cabin is available for the most intrepid guests. This helps regulate blood circulation and lowers body temperature. Like the Finns who roll in the snow after a steam bath, our guests can cool off with ice.

Turkish bath with aromas and starry sky, 40º

Steam produces a balanced dilation of the pores, which eliminates toxins and impurities. The skin is left feeling clean and soft The heat accelerates metabolic functions, increasing breathing and heart rate, and stimulating the nervous system. The Turkish bath is less stressful for the body than the dry sauna and is more relaxing, although at first one may feel overwhelmed by having to breathe air so saturated with steam.

Cold water bath

Another option to lower body temperature would be to take a cold bath by wetting the body, starting by dipping the feet first, and working up to the neck without touching the head. The more heat the body accumulates and the colder the water, the stronger and longer-lasting the reaction, which is to say that the benefits obtained will be greater.

Roman sauna equipped with chromotherapy and aromatherapy, 35º-40º

The healing powers of the aromas and the colours add up to the therapeutic properties the sauna has on our body. Chromotherapy adds healing value because colours have a special magic associated with them, each colour sparking a different mood. Aromatherapy uses vegetable or essential oils to improve physical and emotional health.

Stone footbath with pebbles and bi-thermal water jets

You walk on pebbles that help stimulate the nerve endings on the feet. By simply walking on the stones, we receive the effect of water on the legs and feet, relaxing and at the same time activating the return venous circulation and energy points that control the rest of the body.

Scottish hot and cold shower with essential oils

Pressure shower with contrasting temperatures, where different nozzles alternate their function, from ankles to neck, moving across the whole body. Toning and stimulating benefits with a superficial micro-massage effect, helps to recover energy and improves mood. Additionally, aromatherapy helps boost these benefits.

Saltwater Jacuzzi inside an impressive waterfall, 30-32º

The sensation of being submerged in the water alone provides a beneficial effect to the body and the mind. The Jacuzzi is ideal to reduce stress while at the same time enjoying the therapeutic benefits of salt water hydrotherapy, which include an improvement to circulation as well as helping eliminate toxins, to relieve rheumatic pain, relax contracted muscles, fight cellulite, in addition to, of course , mitigating the stress of daily life. The salt water in our jacuzzi will naturally pamper your skin and hair.


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