Massages and body care - Hotel La Laguna

Massages and body care

A pleasure for the senses

Discover all the treatments for body care and massages that we offer at Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf.

Relaxing massage with “environmentally-friendly hot oils”

Take a break in your routine and let time stop to regain energy and surrender to pleasure, surely you deserve it! Restore the body-mind balance and awaken a feeling of peace, harmony, and well-being, and let yourself be pampered.

Deep tissue massage

A massage recommended for people with accumulated tensions. A much more intense treatment than a relaxing massage as the therapist works in the deeper layers of the skin.

Anti-stress craneo-facial massage

Massage centred on the neck, face, and the fascia of the head, mobilising tissue layers to release tension.

Laguna Suite Royal Therapy

Relaxing massage for two people in our special therapy suite. Share this 45 minutes experience with somebody special for you..

Body massage with volcanic stones

Stimulate the senses through aromatherapy and different massage techniques designed to unblock emotionally and relieve muscle tension. Combines manual manoeuvres with volcanic stones.

Bamboo canes massage

Full body massage with bamboo canes of different sizes. Bamboo therapy is an alternative relaxation and physical improvement treatment that fights fatigue, improves circulation, reduces stress, and tones and firms the skin.

Special treatment for pregnant women

Specific treatment for pregnant women improving fluid retention, circulatory oedema, and poor circulation. It improves energetic flow and facilitates returning circulation, contributing a sensation of rest and lightness to the legs.

Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual massage performed with smooth and localised movements to stimulate the lymphatic system. It boosts defences and helps fight the processes in the summer changes. Recommended in post-operative periods and aesthetic surgery where the occurrence of oedema or inflammation may be possible, or to accelerate the recovery process.

Envoltura de Algas

Seaweed Wrap

Body wraps help to heal skin problems, tone and tighten the skin, improve circulation, and help in firming anti-cellulite treatments, in addition to their anti-inflammatory action. They also detoxify the body and help mobilise fats so they can be eliminated naturally.

Body peel

Exfoliates the skin surface thanks to the physical, natural, and botanical exfoliating agents that eliminate impurities and give the skin a silky and satiny appearance. Exfoliation options offered by the La Laguna SPA: “Salt” recommended for all skin types or “Aloe vera” for the most sensitive skin.


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