La Laguna Packages - Hotel La Laguna

La Laguna Packages

La Laguna Packages

Wellness Day

“A Path to the Senses” (full day) + Healthy menu

Mediterranean dreams

“A Path to the Senses” + marine peel and relaxing body massage with aromatherapy

Anti-stress therapy

“A Path to the Senses” + anti-stress massage on the head, back, and feet

Marine well-being

“A Path to the Senses” + peel with sea salt + body water massage in Vichy shower

La Laguna VIP

“A Path to the Senses” + Hydra-blue: Moisturising treatment + relaxing body massage

Chocolate and salt delight

“A Path to the Senses” + massage with chocolate and salt flakes. Full body massage with melted chocolate and salt flakes. Multi-sensory and anti-stress Its intense aroma awakens the senses and releases endorphins. The chocolate will give you a moisturised and smooth skin. Revitalises and relieves muscle tension.


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