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Six tips that will help you to organize your business Christmas lunch or dinner

We are about to hit December, that month in which Christmas holidays take center stage and with them one of the most recurring events: Business dinners.


These meetings are a good opportunity for any organization as they are beneficial for teamwork, trust and companionship among employees. But not only employees are those who enjoy these reunions, as experts say that they also improve the relationships and closeness between workers and employers.


6 Tips for organizing an unique company lunch or dinner


  •  Internal communication: Once you know when your company dinner will take place, you have to let everyone in the organization know. To achieve success in attendance, original invitations (whether digital or paper) must be prepared to convince those undecided people finally to go.


  • Attendance Confirmation: Having a guest list closed in advance will be very useful when choosing both the menu and the space or room your team need.


  • Organize Seats: It seems simple but sitting in the right place in the table can become a challenge and even a concern for some employees for different reasons. Anticipating in this case can be crucial to save awkward moments and create the best environment between your team.


  • Solidarity action: Christmas calls for solidarity and is the best occasion to involve all members of the company. Organizing an exchange of solidariy Christmas cards or a toy collection among the attendees can be examples of this.


  • Draw a raffle at the end of the meeting: And make it a surprise! Gifts are always welcome, and more on these dates. That is why at La Laguna Hotel we offer a SPA bonus “Path of the senses” with Christmas meals and dinners for more than 10 guests.


  • Plan entertainment: Many times, if we have achieved a good atmosphere, we will be looking forward to continuing the party after dinner. Having an organized after-dinner plan for some is just as important as dinner or lunch itself.
Foto: Salon de celebraciones
Hotel La Laguna: Sala “El Palmeral “
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