Restaurants for communions in Torrevieja Alicante Costa. Five Luxury Salons - Hotel La Laguna

Restaurants for communions in Torrevieja Alicante Costa. Five Luxury Salons

To enjoy more special and exclusive atmosphere in the best of all the restaurants for communions of Alicante Costa Blanca, you need to have the Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf, next to the salt lakes of Torrevieja. A unique place where you will find spaces specially designed to perform in them the most amazing celebrations.

In our charming hotel in Torrevieja we offer our customers the opportunity to choose between five magnificent rooms in which to carry out the celebration you want, be it a wedding, a baptism or a communion.

We provide your guests the experience of meeting a magical place amidst a beautiful natural setting and where you can enjoy a complete celebration, which will be a unique experience for celebrate with your guests this special day.

From the restaurants on the Costa Blanca where it celebrates communions, stand out our salons where you can celebrate your special event:

The Palm Lounge. Up to 200 guests.

Lounge The Dates. Up to 90 people.

Terrace of the pool, waterfall front. Up to 80 people.

Restaurante La Laguna. Up to 65 people.

Private salon Restaurante La Laguna. Up to 13 diners.

Of course all these salons in Torrevieja offer the best amenities service and everything you need to be able to carry out an unforgettable celebration communion in the best conditions. From all the restaurants for celebrations you’ll find in the Costa Blanca, Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf is the one of those that offers the best guarantees for a perfect communion.

Spaces decorated, a professionals team who provide the best service and a wide range of additional services that you can hire to give added value to your celebration are just some of the possibilities you’ll find if you decide to celebrate the communion of your children with us.

Contact us and check the availability of our salons for celebrations. You’ll get the communion you were wanting in the best of all luxury hotels in the Costa Blanca.

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