New relaxing rituals at the La Laguna Spa - Hotel La Laguna

New relaxing rituals at the La Laguna Spa

At Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we know that the routine can be stressful. Therefore, until June 30, we will offer you all our relaxing rituals at a special price:

1. Express Manicure (20 min): The hands are our calling card. This is why it’s important to have them groomed and pretty. No matter if you have no time, with our express manicure you will have a perfect hands in tweenty minuts. 20€

2. Cleaning basic skin (45 min): The skin on our face is constantly exposed to all kinds of waste: makeup, sweat, dust, dead cells … Make a facial regularly is essential for maintaining a healthy and young skin. 28€

3. Beautiful lagoon: Includes a “Relax of Senses” (60 min), body peeling (15 min) and a face mask (10 min). 35€

4. Pindas Tibet (45 min): The “pindas” are bags filled with aromatic herbs, medicinal plants and essential oils, used for centuries in the Indian medicine. A full body massage with peeling and aromatherapy results. The perfect gift! 60€ / person.

5. Two “Relax of Senses” (90min / session): The “Relax of senses” is a a thermal bath circuit with a wellness area of hot and cold contrast, a relaxation area and a salt water Jacuzzi. We will stimulate all your senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. 30€ / 2 persons.

This spring you have no excuse: Enjoy, live and give Rituals Spa La Laguna!

Conditions in and 902 222 777

New relaxing rituals at the La Laguna Spa

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