Appetisers - Hotel La Laguna


At Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we prepare tasty and appetising starters for all kinds of occasions.

  • Andalusian gazpacho with side dish
  • Cordovan salmorejo with hard-boiled egg and ham
  • Melon with Iberian ham
  • Artichoke volcano with crispy Iberian ham and free-range eggs
  • Grouper and prawn cannelloni
  • Grilled Spanish squid
  • Grilled cuttlefish
  • Octopus carpaccio with trout roe in dressing
  • Vegetable tempura with Modena balsamic vinegar and honey reduction
  • Black pudding and apple cannelloni with mushroom cream
  • Sautéed clams and prawns with wild asparagus
  • Homemade prawn croquettes
  • Iberian ham and cured or Parmesan cheese
  • Boiled shrimp
  • Ox carpaccio with Parmesan cheese and citrus fruits

At Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we prepare fresh salads for all types of palates.

  • Endive and artichoke salad
  • Tomato salad with poor cod
  • “Doña Sixta” salad
  • Goat cheese salad
  • Warm tuna trunk, piquillo pepper and free-range eggs salad
  • Octopus tabbouleh
  • Caesar Chicken Salad
  • Mixed salad

At Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we prepare a wide selection of soups and homemade broths with garden ingredients.

  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Onion soup au gratin
  • Parmesan Tomato Cream
  • Seafood cream
  • Stewed day special


  • Stew with meatballs (chickpea stew with meat, meatballs and bread)
  • Olla Viuda (chickpea and vegetable stew)
  • Arroz claro de vigilia (rice stew with assorted beans)
  • Chicken stew with meatballs
  • Stewed lentils
  • Lamb stew
  • Migas (fried flour dough in small pieces)

These dishes are suggestions and may not always be available on our menu. If you wish to try any of these soups or this season’s menu, please check at La Laguna Restaurant.


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