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Massage Yantra

Do you feel tired, with stress or with lack of energy?

Massage Yantra will take you to a dimension of true relaxation with neuromuscular energy therapies of oriental origin.

Inspired by oriental therapies, this treatment will help rebalance the energy unbalanced.

Avoid stress and increases the production of endorphins promoting the general welfare. It is also ideal for the period of pregnancy and in the later stage.

They regenerate tissues, reinforced, tone, defined silhouette producing greater softness, hydration and skin elasticity.
Some of the treatments that are performed during this olísitico-sensory massage are:

Preparatory exercises of Tai Chi. Alignment of joints and pressure on the lower back shiatsu

It produces beneficial effects on the nervous system, can leave all the accumulated tension in the back.

Back, dorsum, legs, hands …
This phase helps relieve the tensions and promote the elimination of lymphatic fluids and

  • Massage on the face. Relaxing massage and cleaning.
  • Massage the abdomen. Release from abdomen, intestine and the entire nervous system of all tension.

Massages will be accompanied by firming treatment products as The Whell: Tibetan symbol of change and renewal.

The Gold inspires the Tibetan sublime symbol of wealth and freedom with vegetable oils that prevent the stretch marks.

As a result this treatment allows you to stimulate the skin with a radiant effect that prevent the tiredness

Come and live a magical Olistica-sensory experience for your well-being!
If you want more information or book massage contact: or call the phone
number 965 722 100 Ext1

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