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Live autumn, inside and on the out

The fall It’s here already it stared exactly at 16:21 hours September 21st, this new season  will give us an explosion of colors in a few weeks: red, ocher and golden tones are already flooding forests and parks. Come to any of these natural places to watch this amazing show.

They are full of beech, chestnut or oak. Forests of deciduous trees, whose green leaves dry at hte end of summer. This mutation colored stains these spaces with a colorful lasting several weeks until November, and which makes many of these forests receive thousands of visits on these dates.

Vive el otoño, por dentro y por fuera

So pack your bag, a good pair of shoes and recharge the battery of your mobile phone or camera to capture this colorful spectacle of nature.

In addition to changes in plants, in autumn you should think about eating foods high energy concentration: seeds, legumes, avocados, nuts and spicy fruits such as garlic, ginger, cloves, pepper, to help us preserve the internal heat .

This station forces the body to a series of adaptations. We must prepare against the drop in temperatures  that  our body makes through an increased consumption of energy required by the brain center of thermoregulation. This increased energy expenditure is one of the factors influencing the decline in the ability of defense against germs.

Vive el otoño, por dentro y por fuera

Autumn is a season where Granada and grape fruits are the protagonists. Citric acid tha Granada containing exerts a disinfectant action and stimulates the action of vitamin C. As for grape, it is a  fruit with a high calorie because of its high sugar content. On the other hand, it has an antioxidant action, and a lot of iron.

In addition to Granada and grape, are also seasonal fruits oranges, pears, ripe bananas, tangerines, apples, avocados, grapefruits, nuts, etc.

With the arrival of this beautiful season a lot of vegetables are also redeemed. Mushrooms, cabbages, artichokes, cauliflower, squash, zucchini and eggplant, are the vegetables protagonists, while vegetables such as onions, lettuce, carrots and leeks, can be found in the autumn as well as in other seasons.

Enjoy fall inside and out.

Vive el otoño, por dentro y por fuera

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