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Food against stress

Healthy eating is more fashionable than ever, there is not an ideal diet for everyone but there is a universal criterion about to the type of food that should be consumed in the daily diet , which on one hand guarantees the energy and nutrient needs of all the people that make up a healthy population are covered, and secondly, assists in the prevention of certain nervous disorders and diseases related with dietary imbalance among others, nowadays one of the “diseases” that worries us most is stress, although the most important thing is to find its origin and to find ways to reduce their causes or to live with it, but if it is true that a healthy and regular diet can help the body to figth against its negative effects .


Vitamins are very important to combat stress. Vitamin C raises levels of adrenaline, you can find it in oranges , kiwis , peppers , Camu Camu , berries , broccoli , strawberries , grapefruit , tangerines, raw cabbage , mango , grape, melon , lemon , persimmon …

it is also important folic acid and zinc, which can be found in the pine nuts accompanied by magnesium and tryptophan, which will help you relax , you can also find a high magnesium content in quinoa that helps keep low stress levels and cortisol under control, because it relaxes blood vessels and balances the sugar, a banana would also help us in the latter case .

There are also certain foods that help us, here are some tips: If you know your day is gonna be stresful, start the morning with a big glass of water and lemon , this touch of acidity that lemon gives you will help you to have a clear mind all day .

Fatty fish have high levels of omega- 3, these benefit the heart and help to protect it from stress-induced illnesses , you can find it in avocado pear, that also improves learning and problem solving,as in eggs.

Brown rice instead of white provides a complex carbohydrate for your serotonin levels, a hormone that keeps you calm .

Green tea or a green smoothie, is a great antioxidant source , it will give you calm energy that will help you be more productive and reduce anxiety , theanine is an amino acid able to lift your mood, you will find it in green tea .

Apples are also great for stress, it contains phytonutrients that help to produce antidepressant neurotransmitters.

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