Electric loaders and Tesla in Hotel of the south of Alicante. - Hotel La Laguna

Electric loaders and Tesla in Hotel of the south of Alicante.

From Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we know the importance of the environment and our involvement with it is total. And for that, every day we are increasing our involvement and reduction of gases. The latest initiative we have developed in this regard is the installation of 2 chargers for electric vehicles, Tesla brand.

Fotografía: Teslamotors
Photography: Teslamotors
Fotografía: Teslamotors
Photography: Teslamotors

Chargers adaptable to a multitude of vehicles, our Tesla Wall connector can be used to load vehicles from Tesla itself or other electric vehicles of other brands.

Next, we leave a link with the characteristics of the 2 Tesla chargers that we have:


From La Laguna Spa & Golf we offer this service as added value for all the clients staying in the hotel, if you are not a customer of the Hotel you can also enjoy this service, while your car is loaded to liven up the waiting you can enjoy all the services and Facilities that we have, a rich meal in La Laguna restaurant, a Spa session, a massage …

Electric chargers in the hotel car park. More info:


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