Discover the Secret Room - Hotel La Laguna

Discover the Secret Room

There is no doubt that the routine is the greatest enemy of any couple. The responsibilities of everyday, work, children … These are details that can make over time the relationship becomes monotonous. And, romanticism, should not be exclusive Valentine.

Show your partner that the mystery and surprises are not finished yet and surprise her with an unexpected romantic getaway. At Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we have the perfect plan for you… Our Secret Room. A room with a huge bed, French champagne, sparkling soaps, sensual music, candles and a very exciting surprise …

Do not tell anyone, but you will can stay with your partner in a junior royal suite. You will enjoy an intimate dinner served privately in your own room, access to the Spa at clandestine hours and a continental breakfast in bed. And still, we have no hurry. You will can follow enjoying your room until 13h the next day.

Shhh… Don’t tell anyone, will be our secret.

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