Cultural Route at Holy Week 2015 - Hotel La Laguna

Cultural Route at Holy Week 2015

We suggest you the most interesting cultural and gastronomic options you can enjoy during the holiday, just a short distance of Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf.

A tourist route to discover the history and culture of Orihuela

If you want to discover the history and culture of Orihuela during Easter Holiday, the officeTourism Department of Orihuela has organized 3 daily routes from Thursday to Sunday. The first Route “Relics of the Passion” starting at 11:00. At 11.30 “Cultural Walk” through the historic town of the city, and  at 12.00h the Route “Art and Passion” which will do a tour of churches and squares to discover the history and cultural tradition.

The next Thursday will take place three theatrical steps of the work <The Diablesa and the Ghost of Fray Nicolás de Bussy> at 18.00h, 19.00h 8:00 p.m. at the Archaeological Museum Hall Museum San Juan de Dios, theatrical staging of “the Diablesa and fantastama Fran Nicholas de Bussy “and music in front of National monuments. It will be held at the Shrine of Our Lady of Monserrate at 20 hours; Santiago and Santa Justa, at 21 am;  in the Cloister of the Cathedral at 0.30; and at 1.15h in the diocesan school of Santo Domingo.

Tourist route to know Murcia and their cultural heritage

And in the Murcia Region, about 60 kilometers from La Laguna Spa & Golf, we propose to you a cultural and gastronomic option to know the most representative art of the renowned sculptor Salzillo of Murcia from  XVIII century of world famous thanks to his works priceless art that can be seen through this route which will travel through Murcia  like it was a walking museum, open to the general public. After this guided tour, you have different options to enjoy knowing the charm of this streets of Murcia city. We recommend you going to the “Plaza de las Flores” where you will try the typical cuisine of Murcia tapas.

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