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When the caves become Art

When we associate caves with art, the usual thing would be to think of prehistoric times, archeology or cave paintings. The Rojales caves have a lot of art but this one is rather contemporary. How is it possible? We tell you about it on the blog of La Laguna Hotel
Rojales is a town with a lot of history among its streets, on the banks of the Segura river and with the Vega Baja orchards at its feet, Las Cuevas del Rodeo stand out. This traditional neighborhood of dwellings carved into the rock was developed from the 18th century onwards by former Murcian miners. Their knowledge led them to build their houses in caves when they came to Rojales to work in their agriculture. Later and until the 20th century, the villagers themselves benefited from this practice of building cave-houses. The benefit that it supposed compared to living at the level of the river with its floods outweigh the adversities of digging their own house in the rocks. Over the years, the caves could not avoid their inevitable destiny, abandonment came.
cuevas del rodeo rojales
After years of neglect, the project we know today began three decades ago. The Rojales City Council together with groups of artists begin the rehabilitation of this cave neighborhood. Its unique location, surrounded by urban parks and cultural leisure areas, witnesses the Zoco of Crafts and Art on the first Sunday of each month. In addition to being able to acquire unique works of art, you will experience an environment full of cultural activities, exhibitions and live music. An extensive “Municipal Underground Habitat Ecomuseum” has been formed (made up of 15 cave-houses, today cave-workshops and exhibition halls). The Cuevas del Rodeo have become a popular underground architectural complex of great ethnological, social, cultural and tourist importance. This underground complex gives Rojales the characteristic of having one of the most unique old towns in the Valencian Community.
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