COVID-19 Information - Hotel La Laguna

Health, safety and cleaning protocols

In compliance with the recommendations made by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization itself, all accesses to our hotel have been adapted to comply with the strictest regulations against Covid19, through measures such as:

All our cleaning team has been trained and equipped with specific hygiene and protection measures for Covid19. Besides, all of our cleaning products are complemented with a special disinfectant to eliminate Covid19.

Additional measures have been taken:

– Social distancing that minimizes the risk of direct transmission between people.

– Providing all the devices and means that promote frequent and adequate washing of people’s hands.

– Elimination or reduction of objects or surfaces shared by people that may be vehicles for the transmission of the SARS-Cov-02 virus.

– Intensification of cleaning and disinfection of surfaces susceptible to being contaminated.

– Installation of protective screens in customer service points (reception).
Where crowds or punctual queues are foreseen, the spaces will be marked on the ground to respect the minimum distance between people of 2m.


Access to the hotel and common areas

Other adaptations made in the establishment in the context of the prevention of contagion by Covid19 are the installation of hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers. Cleaning programs for common areas and their toilets have been increased.

Updates have been carried out to speed up and reduce the procedures in the check-in and check-out processes, being able to do both electronically.

Food and drink on the terrace, cafeteria and restaurant

In order to offer this service with the maximum guarantees, we work on the following points:

– Schedule planning for hosted clients, pre-assigning access time slots.

– Waiting spaces have been marked, maintaining interpersonal distances of 2m.

– We have defined circuits and routes that minimize crossings between clients avoiding crowds.

– Customers will be urged, at the entrance to the service areas, to use the hand sanitizer that will be available at the entrances.

– The presence of objects on the tables that can be manipulated by different customers will be prevented: menus, cruet, decorative objects …

– Likewise, in cafeteria and terrace service, the use of newspapers and magazines, straw or napkin holders and other objects that can be shared will be avoided.

-Payment in cash will be avoided – it is recommended to promote one only payment of customers at check-out, as well as the use of technological alternatives to the manual signing of drink tickets.

Security spaces have been established between the tables and we will use single-use linens.

– After each use, tables and chairs will be properly sanitized.

– Cafeteria menus by QR code available on our WEB

Breakfast service

Service offered in a Continental variety served at the table by the staff.

– Table service implies the use of masks by the waiters. Any object left on the table to be used by customers (coffee or milk jugs, water bottles / jugs, bread baskets …) will be sanitized after each use in the dishwasher.

Cleaning Protocol

Training of the cleaning staff has been carried out, ensuring the hygienic cleaning and disinfection procedures, including the proper use of PPE, the preparation of cleaning product dilutions, the proper use of cleaning material, and all related specific procedures to prevent infections by Covid19.

Routine room cleaning and disinfection. There is a documented cleaning protocol where it is specified how to clean each element, order to do it, material, chemical product to use, PPE to be used in each task, and processing of the material and cleaning product after use.

General basic rules:

1. Cleaning will not be carried out in the presence of the client in the accommodation unit (the client must be informed about it).

2. Exterior windows and balconies should be opened first to ventilate the facility.

3. A cleaning order will be followed from the cleanest (room furniture) to the dirtiest (bathrooms) and from the highest (lighting fixtures, furniture) to the lowest (floors). You must ensure the cleaning of bathrooms (taps, sinks, toilets, showers …) is made with products with disinfectant properties and also that there is no cross contamination through the cleaning material from one accommodation unit to another.

Cleaning and disinfection of rooms after the guests’ check-out. In this process, in addition to what is included in the previous section, we take into account the following points:

– Disinfection of all objects that involve contact with the client: floors, carpets, faucets and bathroom furniture, brush, toilet, hair dryers, garbage and recycling bins, knobs, telephones, switches, TV remote controls (replacement of the cover if applicable), tables and side tables, chairs and armchairs, mini bar and its content, coffee makers and the like, fan and lamp chains, window sills and handles, thermostats, light switches, plugs and trims, railings , ironing boards and irons, opening mechanism for curtains and blinds …

– We plan procedures so that between entrances and exits of clients there is enough time to carry out the cleaning and disinfection process safely.

Pool Area

More space between hammocks to relax in complete safety. After each use the hammocks are disinfected and at the end of the day, the pool area will undergo a general disinfection process


We have reduced the capacity in these spaces.

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