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Where to eat vegan food in Torrevieja

Eating outdoors while being a vegan is sometimes impossible. Thousands of vegans, that is, people who reject any type of animal exploitation, are forced to have to choose the place where to spend their vacations precisely because of the lack of specialized places in menus that do not contain meat or fish, eggs, milk or …

Live autumn, inside and on the out

The fall It’s here already it stared exactly at 16:21 hours September 21st, this new season  will give us an explosion of colors in a few weeks: red, ocher and golden tones are already flooding forests and parks. Come to any of these natural places to watch this amazing show. They are full of beech, …

Detox smoothies for you skin

We spent the day caring about our external appearance: tone up, to lose weight, tan, anything to improve the appearance. And what about the inside? Does anyone care about knowing how he is inside? To take care of it, cuddle, clean it up? Few have stopped to think about the famous saying “we are what …


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