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Be more efficient with the help of new technologies

Nowadays every minute is precious. Learning to manage our time properly will keep avoid us profesional and personal problems and will allow us to squeeze our day.
In this sense, to manage your time effectively implies to acquire the neccesary skills and abilities to plan the time properly in order to improve personal efficiency in different areas of our life (work, family, social, personal, etc.).
To those who work and have a thousand things on mind, the new technologies are a great help, here we show you some interesting apps that will be very helpful.

Sé mas eficaz con la ayuda de las nuevas tecnologías

Google Calendar, default included in Google package is a kind of digital agenda. Note in this online calendar upcoming events, see project deadlines or exams and, of course, those special dates you can not forget. Is remarkable  that the marked quotations are updated automatically on all your devices, as well as the events that you are invited email via. You also have the ability to share these events with other users.

Another one is Trello, a task manager available in web and mobile, is a project ´s management tool that makes collaboration simple and, I dare to say, even funny. The reality is that it can be used for almost everything from the shopping list to complex business projects, through the planning of your next vacation at Hotel La Laguna Spa and Golf. This tool is, broadly speaking, a platform to share, with the other participants in an event, task tables to optimize working together and sharing functions. Attachments, checklist, deadlines alerts, commentary boxes and a long list of options that will help you to organize any project effectively and without wasting time.

Sé mas eficaz con la ayuda de las nuevas tecnologías

Todoist, another task manager designed for everyday life, with planning for seven days. Monday, gym; Wednesday meeting at school; and dinner with friends at La Laguna Restaurant on Friday. Do not forget anything with this app. Also, you can synchronize this data with other tools like the Sunrise calendar.

Evernote with its business version, is more focused on work planning. With an intuitive interface, through digital books and files, this tool greatly facilitates the task management and networking with your team, not forgetting, of course, saving time.

Pushbullet connect your smartphone and your computer to receive in the latter mobile notifications. Thus avoid wasting time alternating both devices to see, for example, Whatsapp.

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And finally Rescue Time, at the end of the day, or week, sometimes look back and wonder how wasted the hours? If it happened to you sometime, Rescue Time comes to your rescue, this app will help you improve your efficiency through monitoring everything you do on your device, a cross-platform application that records web pages, applications and programs you use in your different devices and allows you to determine the “pulse productivity” of a given day, week or month, according to how you’re using your time.

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