3 plans to enjoy the December Holiday - Hotel La Laguna

3 plans to enjoy the December Holiday

There are dates that one always wants to arrive. One is Christmas, mainly because it is the best time to get together and celebrate with friends and family, and the other most anticipated date is any holiday bridge there is. This December we are lucky that there is a small bridge, although there are those who will take advantage of the day off between Constitution Day and the Day of the Immaculate to enjoy a week of doing nothing, relax and enjoy the free time. We give you 3 perfect plans to enjoy the December Bridge.

1- A beauty ritual
Have you ever been to a spa? The months of autumn and winter are those that most want to go to these spaces. The warmth of the water, the bubbles and the contrasts will make you relax instantly. To complete your visit as best as possible, perhaps a beauty treatment or a massage with chocolate or aromatherapy is the appropriate way. And … calm for the price! That in Spa La Laguna, in Torrevieja, there are some offers for this winter that you should try.

2- No stress or obligations
Do nothing. Days of relaxation, nature, let a qualified cook prepare the best dishes, lie down to sunbathe on the terrace or maybe near a saltwater pool and let others take care of your wellbeing. At Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we will pamper you so you can enjoy the December bridge.

3- How’s your swing going?
Hopefully, good! Or if not, nothing happens that for that you can enjoy personalized golf lessons and have a lot of fun. You do not have to be an expert golfer to have fun playing this sport, they say that in golf, skill is more than strength, so … ask at the reception of Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf for the golf course! You’ll see that this bridge is going to happen to you in a bomb.

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