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Packs La Laguna

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Body maintenance

A remodelling, firming, anti-cellulite, slimming treatment for the whole body or specific body parts. Exfoliation to stimulate the circulation and use of the active principles in the treatment, combined with extracts, creams, manipulation, specialized equipment and the most suitable therapy in each case. Voucher 5 sessions 60 min 240 €

VARIGHET: 60 min.

PRIS: 60.00 €

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"Senda de los Sentidos" (Full day) + Menu in our restaurant INCLUDES: "Path of the senses" wellness area with cold / heat contrasts with: Aromatherapy and chromotherapy sauna 35-40º, Turkish bath with aromas and stars 40º, ice cabin , Finnish Saunas 60º and 90º, cold water bath, pediluvium with stones and water jets and scottish bithermic shower with aromatherapy. Menu in our restaurant: menus of elaborated cuisine with a marked Mediterranean accent with quality products, prepared in a traditional way with the touch of innovation offered by our Cheff Adoración Chazarra. Price: From 40 €

VARIGHET: Ikke tilgjengelig

PRIS: Ikke tilgjengelig

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Mediterranean dreams

"Relax of senses" circuit (90 min) + peeling and relaxing body massage with aromatherapy (60 min)

VARIGHET: 150 min.

PRIS: 65.00 €

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Ayurvedic therapy anti-stress

"Relax of senses" circuit (90 min) + anti-stress massage: back, feet and head (60 min)

VARIGHET: 150 min.

PRIS: 69.00 €

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It includes: "Relax of senses" circuit (60 min) + Natural Bissé: Healing beauty facial treatment (75 min) + relaxing body massage (45 min).

VARIGHET: 180 min.

PRIS: 115.00 €