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Treatment "Relax of Senses"

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Absolute relaxation

The relax of senses spa circuit, a thermal bath circuit with a wellness area of hot and cold contrast, a relaxation area and a salt water Jacuzzi, where we will stimulate, through different areas, all your senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.

A complete visit

And, if you wish, you can complete your visit with a treatment, therapy or massage, and your experience will be a real personal wellness moment.

The ideal complement

Besides, as an ideal complement for your face, you can request a facial moisturizing mini-treatment with decongestant properties and immediate effect for a small supplement of 6 € while you are having a cup of tea in the relaxation area.

"The Path of the Senses" includes a Wellness Area with hot and cold contrasts, with: Aromatherapy Sauna and Chromatherapy at 35-40°C, Turkish Bath with aromas and star projections, at 40°C, Finnish Saunas at 60°C and 90°C, Ice Cabin, Cold Water Treatment, Footbath with stones and water jets, Bi-temperature Scottish Shower with Aromatherapy

Relaxation area overlooking the Japanese gardens to enjoy of Teas and Infusions.

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Cyclonic Shower with Essences

High pressure shower with temperature contrasts, where various diffusers are alternating their roles, for the whole body. Benefits with toning and stimulating effect of surface micro massage helps restore energy and improves mood thanks to aromatherapy this could increase.

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Roman Therm with aromatherapy and chromo therapy 35-40º

Therapeutic properties of a sauna on our bodies which add the healing powers of scents and colors. Chromo Therapy Healing adds value because the colors are credited with a special magic, each color awakens a different mood. Aromatherapy uses essential oils or vegetable oils which improve physical and emotional health.

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Ice Cabin

After a hot sauna, cooling is provided. For the more adventurous guests the Ice Cabin that regulates blood circulation and themselves helps lower the body temperature is available. As the Finnsh people after a steam bath rub with snow guests you can cool off with ice.

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Inmersion Bath cold water

Another option lower body temperature would take a cold bath by wetting the body feet first which moves then up to the neck without touching the head. The more heat the body accumulates cold water, the reaction will be stronger and more durable, which the profits will be higher.

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Steam Room

The vapor produces a balanced enlarged pores, eliminates toxins and impurities. Skin is left clean and soft. Heat accelerates the metabolic functions, increasing respiration, heart rate, stimulating the nervous system. A Turkish bath is less stressful to the body than the dry sauna is relaxing, though at first you may feel overwhelmed by having to breathe air so saturated steam.

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Walking on pebbles can help stimulate the nerve endings in the feet. With a simple walk on the stones, the effect of water received in the legs and feet, can relax and activates the venous return and energy points that control your body.

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Finnish sauna 60-90º

Regulates blood pressure, reduces cellulite and soothes stress, among many other benefits such as improving our breathing, relieves pain in the joints and most important is that we get to release endorphins which helps fully to relax.

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Jacuzzi Salt wáter 30-32º

Just the feeling of being immersed in water, produces welfare to your body and mind. The hot tub is great for reducing stress and also enjoy the Therapeutic benefits of Hydrotherapy such as stimulating circulation, eliminates toxins, relieves rheumatic pains, relaxes tight muscles, combats cellulite, in addition, of course, to alleviate the stress of daily life.

DURATION: 90 min.

PRICE: €18 per person (service price without accessories)