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The most original gifts for Christmas

The most original gifts for Christmas

What does the word Christmas suggest? Surely, lights, parties, happiness and gifts, many gifts. This last one is perhaps the part that brings more headaches, but it does not always have to. Today you usually have everything, with what to give the typical cologne, the sweater or a bag is already a gift outdated and very unoriginal, the truth. So at Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf, a hotel located near Alicante, we recommend you give away moments. Look what momentazos you have to give!

1- Give Pleasure
This Christmas gives welfare and pleasure. Everyone likes to have time for themselves and to take good care of them and yours will not be much less. A spa session in Alicante or a massage in Torrevieja is perfect as a gift this Christmas.

2- Giving magic at Christmas
May the magic not be missing at Christmas! A magical dinner with musical performances and many surprises in hotels in Alicante can be the perfect culmination to an unforgettable year or a very special start to the year. Do not you think? Take a look at special menus for New Year's Eve.

3- Deal flavor at Christmas
And give your Christmas a lot of flavor! Gastronomy, tradition and avant-garde come together this Christmas 2017 so that you and yours will enjoy a good table and dishes that you may never have tasted. To the fans of gastronomy, this plan drives them crazy. Do you dare to give flavor for Christmas?


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